Motivational: Life is like a tetris game

“Life is like a tetris game”

I agree, this motivational phrase sounds a little geek, but life is, is some sense just like a tetris game.

In “The 7 habits of highly effective people”, Stephen R. Covey discuss the importance of taking control of our own lives.

 Taking the leadership of our own destiny means understanding that we have no control over some situations that comes to us daily. But we do, on how we react to those situations.

And is in that way that the motivational phrase “life is like a tetris game” makes sense.

Must of us have played tetris, and know that we can’t choose which pieces to play, if we could, the game would be too easy and lacking of challenge.

Hence, the success in the game consists in adding every piece, even if we didn’t wanted it, in the best possible way.

If we could give two persons the same game, with the same pieces in the same order, without a doubt one of them will reach a higher score. In the other hand, the other person, will set them in disorder, without a plan, and will make a much lower score.

We can’t know what life has prepared for us, but if we have a goal, a dream, a game plan, it enable us to set the pieces in order, so that we can learn from every failure, so that we can succeed with the same exact pieces that would have defeated others.

Be the leader of your own destiny, use the lessons hidden in everything that life brings us, play those pieces the best you can, use them in the best possible way to build, with them, your dreams.

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