Motivational: Live your life in High Definition

A man had saved several month to buy a flat screen TV, huge and of “High Definition”.

When he tried at his house, he had a major disappointment. The image didn’t look as he wanted. In fact the image was a slightly blurred.

Annoyed, the went to the store he purchased the TV.

When he arrived to the store, the customer service representative told him that he was sorry to hear that he had a problem with his purchase. And kindly agreed to give his money back.

There was a minor inconvenience, he explained, by company policy the client must take a free eye exam, right there in the store.

Reluctantly the client agreed, only after he was promised the paperwork will be done while he took the eye exam.

When the man returned he was wearing a smile and a pair of glasses.

He asked the customer service representative to cancel the refund, he was keeping the TV. He will now be able not only to enjoy his TV in HD, but also the whole world!

What can we take from this story?

Sometimes it happens the same to us.

We complain about the bad mood of everyone at work, and we don’t realize that it may be a result of us talking in rude without noticing.

We are experts on finding faults on each and everyone, without first doing an introspection exercise.

The magic in asking us if we may need glasses, is that when we solve what need to be improved inside us, we not only change the way we see that particular situation, we change the way we see the world.

Do you see the world in HD?

(PS: English is my second language, if you find something that needs improvement, I will really appreciate your feedback)

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